Free Safety Check

  • How long will the my free safety check take?
    • We aim to get your bike back to you within the hour. The check itself takes about 10-20 minutes, but we may need a little more time if the store is busy.
  • What's involved in the free safety check?
    • We look over all the critical parts of your bike to make sure nothing is of danger to you. At the completion of the check we will give you a report outlining what we found and if there is anything that needs attention. The main areas of the bike we are checking are:
      • Brakes
      • Drivetrain & Chain
      • Wheels
      • Tire Tread
      • Gear Shifting
      • Lights
      • Spokes
      • Chain
      • Frame
  • Will the free safety check include any parts?
    • Unfortunately not, the free safety check is only to check the bike is safe. We can provide a quote if we find anything that needs attention but it does not include any work done on the bike or the cost of parts. If there is something that needs attention, we will let you know and we can make arrangements to get it repaired for you.

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